Based out of the small town of Marshall, in the state of Michigan, the club officially was formed with its first fifteen members in October of 2004. Since the club’s inception, it has lost and gained members, lost and gained friendships, but stayed true to the original idea of its members owning cars and/or motorcycles, or both. We haven't strayed much further from the idea than that.
Simply put, we are a group of guys who, in one form or another, all dig the same stuff: Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Bands, Booze, Babes & Beers. We base our lives around our families and friends first, and the club second. We like to work on our own stuff and ride or drive it when we can; we have great parties and get-togethers, love our fellow members and respect their families, and ultimately just dig having a good time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Yah, we throw a party! \m/

Was just at the liquor store and some motorsickelist enthusiast recognized me and axed when the party was... so here ya go kidz:
SpeedshifterS Car & Bike Show and Party
Saturday August 4th. 2012 at the infamous Landfill Stadium we will have bands, beverages, food and lots of other fun stuff!  
$10 Bucks gets ya in, fed, entertained and free camping!
Pinup Girl Contest- cash prize!
Or go loot beer in New Orleans... \m/