Based out of the small town of Marshall, in the state of Michigan, the club officially was formed with its first fifteen members in October of 2004. Since the club’s inception, it has lost and gained members, lost and gained friendships, but stayed true to the original idea of its members owning cars and/or motorcycles, or both. We haven't strayed much further from the idea than that.
Simply put, we are a group of guys who, in one form or another, all dig the same stuff: Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Bands, Booze, Babes & Beers. We base our lives around our families and friends first, and the club second. We like to work on our own stuff and ride or drive it when we can; we have great parties and get-togethers, love our fellow members and respect their families, and ultimately just dig having a good time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

SpeedshifterS Summer Party, Car and Bike Show- Rumble at the Dump!

That's right! On September 11th. the SpeedshifterS will once again be hosting THE summer party to attend at the legendary landfill pavillion! Car and motorcycle show, music, food, beer, games and much more!
Check the flyer below for our:

"Rumble at the Dump" Car and Motorcycle Show.

For $5 per person you get:

All you can eat hog and fixins, while it lasts; To participate in or watch both the Burnouts
& The Kegtoss; Watch a few good bands and camp out for the night if you need to
To register your Car, Truck or Cycle is an extra $5. If you win, you get cool hand-made trophies and braggin' rights. So, fuck it - it's worth 5 extra bucks.
Some snacks and beverages are available through the whole day for very little cabbage out of pocket as well.
We will have door prizes and giveaways from our awesome sponsors - by the way, please check our friends list on our website:  to check out those who support us and have given us help in the past!
This year's show rules:
* Car or Truck must be 1975 or older
*Motorcycle can be any year, but it is advised to be heavily customized or chopped in some sort way; preferably from 1920 to 1979. Notice is taken of old stockers, too.
See Maps and Directions Below for September 11th's "The Rumble at the Dump"

This is the I-94/I-69 Interchange. From 69 to Exit #42, "N Drive"
From the N Drive exit, turn left (West). In about 1 mile (at Cornwell's Turkyville USA, a blinking yellow light) turn right (North). The destination is at the triangle, where 15 mile rd and 15 1/2 mile road meet.
Signs from I-69, Cornwell's as well as the destination will be visible19725 15 Mile Road North
Marshall, MI 49068
Bands for the show will be as follows:

Verona - Marshall, MI

The Cobains - Wisconsin

The Aquaholics - Wisconsin

Out of Favor Boys - Kalamazoo, MI

P.S. - One of the SpeedshifterS will be "Tying The Knot" at the show at about 4:30 p.m. So be there to witness the ceremony and wish them well!  

Hope to see you all there!

Corby's Fifty-One Poncho Circle Track Hot Rod

Corby Howk took his 'ol '51 Pontiac and made a circle track car outta it and raced it at Springport Speedway last month! Pretty cool to see vintage iron out on the track- way to be Corby!

Corby would like to thank: The Dark Horse Brewing Co., The SpeedshifterS Wheel Club, T&N Dairy Creme, Walt Obrinski and Son Excavating, Fogles Color Connection, Pro One Cycle, Marshall Tire "Thanks Nick!"
 Mex, Kyle, Cody, Scotty F., Knowlton and Tannis.
BIG Thanks to Bob Garrett!
Thanks to Derek Ketchum for these great photos!
Look for Corby at Springport again on September 12th.!