Based out of the small town of Marshall, in the state of Michigan, the club officially was formed with its first fifteen members in October of 2004. Since the club’s inception, it has lost and gained members, lost and gained friendships, but stayed true to the original idea of its members owning cars and/or motorcycles, or both. We haven't strayed much further from the idea than that.
Simply put, we are a group of guys who, in one form or another, all dig the same stuff: Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Bands, Booze, Babes & Beers. We base our lives around our families and friends first, and the club second. We like to work on our own stuff and ride or drive it when we can; we have great parties and get-togethers, love our fellow members and respect their families, and ultimately just dig having a good time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Billetproof 2011- "The Rapture Nine"

With complete disregard for the coming Rapture nine SpeedshifterS and three Ladies of SpeedshifterS made the trek to Ypsilanti for Billetproof 2011 along with Nick DeRyke of the Relix. The weather in Ypsi was perfect all day... the weather on the way home was a different story... all in all a good day filled with the usual adventures: weird sunburns, fried axle bearings, sore ass cheeks, hanging with friends, drinking beers at 9:30 in the morning, etc. I'll let the photos do the talking:

Ferg was rolled out way early and along with his posse (Peezy and Catie) accepted the all important duty of chase vehicle driver, mobile photo vehicle operator, jackman, roadside mechanic, etc. the man was a Mountain Dew fueled blur all day...
A monster of a man Ferg was preparing to jack this house up in the middle of a dandelion field... such an ambitious lad...

Photographer, navigator, enforcer- Peezey wears many hats...

And keeping these two Sketchballs in line (the toughest job of all by far) is this determined young redhead (you know her, you love her- Catherine Shalapoo):

From their vantage point taking up the rear this is what they saw and photographed. Rose Ann got some great shots from the middle of the pack as well in the old mans hammered Model A:
Terry in his "Tequila Sunrise" '55 Chevy Gasser, Cody in "Hot & Heavy" sporting a new dual carbed Poncho mill, KK and Rose Ann in the slammed 5 window A-Coupe, Nick in his high boy 5 window A coupe on '32 rails, Matt rocking the Golden Honda Rebel bobber, Gordo rolling on the 750 Honda chop, Jake debuting his Evo sportster, and Tanny and Kara on the venerable Triumph Thruxton. 

Cody sez: "So that's what Windex is for... huh... well I believe I'll just have a beer instead"

I'll add more soon!